Thursday, November 18, 2010

Prairie Style

The idea he had was to put the door
Off to the side, slightly off center
Hard to detect, obscured by leaves and
Branches, hidden, nothing terribly grand.
So it would blend into the landscape
And preserve cherished privacy.
It was madness to keep the hall
Wide open and accessible to all,
Or even to acquaintances one step
From being strangers on a street corner,
To bring them into the shelter and share
The warmth of the fire was to tear
At the underpinnings of sanity,
Upsetting, overturning the inner balance.
I see the flat plains stretching out
to the mountains and sky with a shout.
When the home is open to any
With out discretion or prudence
Then the inner chambers become a mess
Confusion rules a game of chess.
With pieces flying and tempers fraying
And no peace in a disturbed hearth.
Outside fresh paint and decorative brightness
Inside loathing, nausea and darkness.

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